We would love to announce an opening programme of events with a bold fanfare.  Unfortunately the Covid pandemic leaves us in a similar position to so many groups, whereby both rules and common sense dictate that we must be patient and hold off from promoting activities which require people to be in close proximity to each other.

Instead, it gives us chance to foster relationships with as many of you as possible through the electronic media, to share information and to plan ahead for when all hope that we will have more scope for getting out and about together.  


Members of the group have contacts with various landowners, which should open up possibilities for visits to estates, a number of which are not normally open to the public.  We plan to set up day courses on topics such as hurdle making, hedgelaying and orchard maintenance.  

However, whilst not having conducted any events as yet, GTG has benefitted from one occasion already. Frank and Marilyn Gardner of Barton House, Cirencester opened up their orchard to socially distancing apple pickers recently. Despite unseasonal weather a good number of people turned up for seasonal produce.  Donations by the public have kindly been given to support us as we "get off the ground".