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Pests & Diseases


You may have spotted an article in the press recently about this threat. Though the name may resemble one of those obscure new nation's teams venturing into European football, it is actually a pathogen* affecting young beech (and also hornbeam). Fortunately it is not known to have reached the UK as yet, with occurrences in central Europe.  It is suggested that the potential risk here is in the import of nursery trees or hedging (and it wouldn't be the first case of this type).  For more information please see:

 * An agent causing disease or illness to its host, such as an organism or infectious particle capable of producing a disease in another organism.


It is most unlikely that anyone with an interest in trees in this part of the country hasn't seen a stricken ash and most will recognise the signs.  However it it quite possible that some of you will have seen technical descriptions of the disease and found it difficult to digest.  If so, you may find The Tree Council's publication "Ash Dieback - A Guide for Tree Owners" a worthwhile read.  Although aimed at tree owners, it contains plenty of information in a clear manner.  And it is FREE! It can be downloaded at:

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